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Blast from the Past!

As you get acquainted with ISND, we would like to share with you some of our favorite memories.

If you attended our last Annual Meeting, Action Towards Potential, you may have seen a familiar face presenting:

Dr. Anthony Lang, the world's most cited Parkinson's Disease researcher for the decade 2001-2009 and named to Thomson Reuter's World's Most Influential Scientific Minds, spoke at our very first Annual Meeting, neurodeGENERATION: An Era of Progress, way back in 2016:

Named as one of the Top-400 Living Core Biomedical Researchers in the world, Dr. Lang is currently involved in a number of advanced clinical trials for Parkinson's Disease, leading research collaboratives across the globe.

As ISND approaches its five-year anniversary, we can't help but appreciate all that he's done for the neurodegenerative disease community. Here's to hoping he makes another stop here and we see him again soon!


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