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WHO we are

Mission and Vision
Founded in 2015, then as the Neurodegenerative Disease Society of Toronto, ISND has since put together a variety of events and initiatives, from fundraising receptions and charitable benefits to high school presentations and research seminars. Our flagship event every year, the ISND Annual Meeting, brings together internationally renowned researchers from a host of disciplines to discuss the current forefront of neurodegenerative disease research, from drug development to deep brain stimulation, from machine learning technologies to biochemical pathogenesis, from focused ultrasound to the arts and humanities.
Now, as we press ahead beyond Toronto in the face of new advancements and discoveries, and the new challenges that have simultaneously arisen, we double down on our mission of advocacy and community engagement across the globe. We bring with us a passionate group of leaders, which, as we look to expand our programs, have recently taken added shape in our Board of Directors, focused on navigating the complexities of international growth, and our Advisory Board, a team of experts with the experience to help illuminate them.
Founded by two former lab-mates, Kevin Liu and Maria Tereshchenko, the International Society for Neurodegenerative Diseases has been the culmination of work laid down by the Neurodegenerative Disease Society of Toronto, founded in 2015 by the aforementioned together with fellow lab-mates, Valentina Hucik and Christopher Lozano, and crucially supported by the efforts of Camilla Giovino and Lee Phan, who now help lead the organization as Co-Presidents, since the very beginning.
Help us to continue their work by supporting us today.
Our Founding

The International Society for Neurodegenerative Diseases, or ISND, is a Canadian international not-for-profit organization (Corporation #: 1156292-4) founded on goals of Education, Advocacy, and Support; and values of Inquiry, Innovation, and Impact. We work to galvanize the general public to action through educational, research, and fundraising initiatives, while serving and engaging with the neurodegenerative disease community. In doing so, we hope to amplify the work of experts, scientists, and medical professionals; and build a support network for those individuals and families most affected. Through these initiatives, and as we look to push the extent of our efforts and understanding of neurodegenerative diseases evermore, we hope to help see a day soon without them.

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